"Bone-ified Collector" Dinosaur Terrarium

by Twig Terrarium
Price $185.00

A little paleontologist lovingly polishes his latest find in this happy little world.  This scientist's favorite scenic spot is 11" tall and 8" wide, and includes a petrified wood hill (which can and probably will vary in shape and color).  Yes, the ladders come with it too.  How we love this one!

Petrified wood is typically over 200 million years old.  Unlike other types of fossils which are typically impressions or compressions, petrified wood is a three-dimensional representation of the original organic material, which makes it not only a beautiful addition to this terrarium, but also appropriate.  

Petrified wood is a fossil in which the organic remains have been replaced by minerals in the slow process of being replaced with stone. This petrification process generally results in a quartz chalcedony mineralization. Special rare conditions must be met in order for the fallen stem to be transformed into fossil wood or petrified wood. In general, the fallen plants get buried in an environment free of oxygen (anaerobic environment), which preserves the original plant structure and general appearance. The other conditions include a regular access to mineral rich water in contact with the tissues, replacing the organic plant structure with inorganic minerals. The end result is petrified wood, a plant, with its original basic structure in place, replaced by stone. 

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