Frequently Asked Questions
about Terrarium Care, Shipping, Wholesale Accounts, and more!

  • Hey, what makes Twig’s moss so special??
    • We love it.  It's that simple.  We hire freelance mossers (yes, it's a real job) who harvest moss on their land, picking only the best mosses for us and shipping it as soon as it's harvested. Then, we give our mosses a special electrolyte bath and an organic pesticide treatment.  It's happy stuff, and it shows.  Our terrariums are scientifically tested and can live for years with minimal effort - we provide a care card with each one.  Our plant terrariums and creations receive just as much love - we use only the healthiest plants designed to do well in their new environment.
  • Do you ship? How do your terrariums arrive intact? What's the cost to ship your work?
    • Yes, We ship all over the U.S. and to Canada! We have a patented shipping method that guarantees that your terrarium will arrive safe and sound! We have a less than 2% damage rate over the last three years, and whenever something does go awry we are always quick to find a solution. The shipping cost varies depending on the weight of the product, typically $15 and up. We also are happy to expedite orders. All orders that leave Twig HQ are insured. 
  • Do you have a store? What are your hours?
    • Twig's space is available for workshops and classes, and every Saturday we are open to the public from 12-7pm. We are located at 287 3rd Avenue between Carroll and President Street, Brooklyn, New York 11215. 
  • Can you customize the little people?
    • We can most definitely customize our little figures! We are able to custom paint the figures to match your hair color and skin tone! Or recreate all sorts of scenes - from photos, movies, or ...your life! We are open to discussing any kind of creative ideas you have. Need some parachuting newlyweds getting stuck in a tree? Mountain climbers escaping a bear? We’ve got you covered!
  • Can I buy the little people separately? Where do you get them?
    • We only sell our figures in our terrariums, DIY kits, and custom creations. 
    • Can you help me pick out a plant? I have such a brown thumb!
      • Let us know the type of lighting you have and what you’re looking for and we can offer you the best plants for that situation! We want to make sure you are a successful plant parent, so we’re happy to be there every step of the way.
    • What if I kill it? Do you help fix it?
      • We have terrarium rehab! Come by and bring us your sad terrarium and we can fix it up for you for a small fee. While we cannot guarantee the lifespan of your Twig purchase, we are always happy to help diagnose any issues or troubleshoot problems you may be having.
    • How do you care for a moss terrarium? Plants? Succulents? Airplants? Help!
      • Moss Terrarium Care: Keep it in a nice shady spot and mist every 2-3 weeks. No direct sun, folks! And you don't water moss since it's a bryophyte! Mist, mist, mist. 
      • Plant Terrarium Care: Indirect light is best & water every 3-5 days depending on whether it's closed or open. 
      • Succulent Terrarium Care: Bright light works best, but if they're under glass aim for indirect light to avoid heat build up. Water sparingly every 5-7 days.
      • Airplant Terrarium Care: Bright indirect light is perfect, and misting every few days with a weekly soak works best for most varieties. Depending on the dryness of their environment, you may need to soak them more frequently. Also, be sure to shake out the additional moisture so they don't rot. 
    • Do you wholesale your kits and terrariums to retailers? What about your funny animal planters?
    • Do you dropship directly to my customers?
    • Can you help me design an entire space with plants?
      • We are all about installations and larger scale plant creations. Let’s discuss your lighting, care commitment, and general feel of your space. We’ll take it from there! Call us at 718.488.8944.
    • Do you do commercial plant care and maintenance programs?
      • Indeed! We implement lovely plant displays for offices and restaurants, and we can arrange a weekly or monthly maintenance program. Fees range in price depending on project scope and location.
    • Can you demo terrarium making at my school? What about my garden club?
      • We are all about it! Oftentimes schools and garden clubs cannot afford for everyone to make a terrarium, so we do offer demonstrations in front of small to medium sized groups. Costs vary, so let us know about your establishment by emailing
    • Can I bring you someone else’s terrarium for you to fix?
      • We’ve seen some pretty terrible terraria. And we mean that in the nicest way possible. Like, some folks don’t realize the importance of the proper layering system, or how you really should not put moss all over your succulents. So yea, we’ve been known to fix the work of other terrarium enthusiasts.
    • What is your minimum for parties? How do your parties work?
      • Party it up at Twig! Our standard workshop party minimum is 10 people, and we can accommodate upwards of 50 people in Twig’s space. We are always happy to arrange time and space for food, presents, gifts, and more! Email us at with more details about your event and the date you need to book!
    • What’s a Date-Night Workshop? And when can I schedule it?
      • If you purchase a date-night workshop it’s $95 for 2 people. It may be just you two, or another couple might join in. It’s lots of fun and we leave plenty of time for tons of selfies. Once you purchase the Date Night spot, you can call us at 718-488-8944 or email us to schedule.



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