Twig digs custom orders! If you have a vision for your little green world and its inhabitants, we are all about it! Terrariums offer a snapshot of life or a memorable event. What better way to capture a moment than with miniature people doing tiny things inside a terrarium?

Customizing your Twig creation means selecting the glass you dig (check out our Readymade section) and determining what miniature scene you want to see.  Here's a link to some previously created custom work for some ideas. 

Customization requests have included celebrating a happy couple, recreating a photograph or family vacation, fleshing out a weird inside joke, or just as a sweet gift to your fave person. We can celebrate their hobbies or passions by creating them in miniature. Send us reference photos! We work to capture their appearance as best we can in such a tiny scale. 

Custom work starts at $150 and is priced based on the glass chosen and how elaborate the scene. We move quickly, but production time is normally 2-3 weeks depending on how complex your idea. For instance, hair color and skin tone are simple and inexpensive additions to your scene. The cost increase with more elaborate articulation of the figures, interactivity, or special touches like glasses, beards, and patterned clothing. We're happy to price out your ideas and work with you to create your vision!

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