From hikers to hobos to heartthrobs, Twig digs custom orders! If you have a vision for your little green world and its inhabitants, we are all about it! Custom creations are the focus for the Twig chicks, Michelle and Katy. They work mainly on scenes with above average fare, such as mobster hit scenes a la Goodfellas, an ironic urban oasis amongst the mosses, complex crime scenes with miniature forensic experts and a body, or handmade unicorns and fairies alighting on amethyst. Oh, we get into it!

We post lots of our Custom Creations to our Facebook! Click here to check them out!

For customized terrariums and scenes, price ranges depending on glass size and how elaborate the scene. We move quickly, but production time is normally 2-3 weeks depending on how complex your idea. 

- For NYC local pick-up or delivery, sky's the limit on the glass options!

- For shipment to US & Canada, please refer to our line of shippable glass vessels to get started!

When emailing, please indicate the glass you like, for instance: "I'd like an outdoor wedding scene in the 'Masterpiece' glass" or "Can you put two horses in the 'Gentle Reminder'?" 


Here are a few scenarios to get the gears turning! 

- It's for pops on Father's Day and he has gray hair, a favorite flannel shirt, and likes to fish? Sure!

- Awww, you want a puppy paradise with your two black labs? Woof!

- Your visit to Costa Rica was so inspirational you want that amazing waterfall captured in glass? Totally!

- The boss's birthday is coming up and he loves zombie movies? We can dig it! (The grave, that is.)


Sky's the limit, folks! Get in touch with us below to get started. For inspiration, check out our Gallery


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