Corporate Events & Functions with Twig involve professionalism, efficiency, variety, and FUN. Better Homes & Gardens invited us to entertain their advertisers with terrarium-making and ice cream on a hot summer day. Each terrarium station was branded 


We were commissioned to set up a terrarium-making station at Patron using empty tequila bottles...and no, we did not have to drink it all to empty the bottles. Hmm. :)

Invite Twig Terrariums into your office space for a fun, terrarium-making event for your clients and staff, or bring your entire group to our studio in Brooklyn!

Building a terrarium is akin to building a team. All the elements work together to create balance and sustainability. Terrariums are an excellent metaphor for the work environment…not to mention the little world being quite a stunning addition to anyone's cubicle or office. 

  • What can you expect? We bring all the necessary ingredients, from the glass to the little folks or critters, displayed in cute Twig gift bags, and provide hands-on instruction.
  • We can customize and brand the event - from bags with your logo label to figures holding up signs with your slogan!
  • This is a fun and educational 1-2 hour workshop. We are serious, informed, helpful, and quite sensational. We guide and personally assist your group in the creation of their little green worlds, and when everyone has completed miniscaping their terrarium, it goes back in the bag to be carried home or given as a gift! 

Each year, we are contracted to create hundreds of Corporate Gifts for clients, vendors, employees, and colleagues. Each gift is fully branded with the company's logo, or the client's product details, and every shipping box or gift bag includes branded materials. 


If you would like to discuss terrarium-making events or corporate gifting, please contact us below.  Look at how happy the NYC Spotify team was making succulent terrariums with us! 



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